Sundays@11 is a service for all ages!  Join us from 10.30am for refreshments, served in the Bulson Hall, or at 11am for the service itself.


What is Sundays@11 like?

We aim for Sundays@11 to be creative and interactive!

We start off all together in the church, and explore the theme of the day, before going to groups – children to age groups, and adults in groups as well, as we explore the theme together.

Adult groups usually include an interactive sermon, but also might include some artwork, a meditation, or another activity.

After the group time, we come back together, and we together pray in creative ways – light a candle, write a prayer, and so on – before ending with a final song.

Praying for Lee-on-the-Solent:

Praying for Lee

Music is led by guitar and other instruments, with the words of the songs and prayers are on a screen.

The Sundays@11 musicians:

Sundays@11 band

Why not come and join us?!


What are we going to sing at Sundays@11?

Each week we’ll put on this web page the songs we’ll be singing on Sunday, so that you can listen to them in advance.  We’ll be linking to YouTube clips –   what we do on Sundays won’t sound like these professional recordings, but hopefully you’ll get the idea of the song!

 Sunday 10th September – Sundays Together @10 am

Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow

Nothing’s Too Big

Lord I Come Before Your Throne of Grace (What a Faithful God)

Great is Your Faithfulness (Raise up Holy Hands)

10,000 Reasons