Sundays@11 is a service for all ages!  Join us from 10.30am for refreshments, served in the Bulson Hall, or at 11am for the service itself.


What is Sundays@11 like?

We aim for Sundays@11 to be creative and interactive!

We start off all together in the church, and explore the theme of the day, before going to groups – children to age groups, and adults in groups as well, as we explore the theme together.

Adult groups usually include an interactive sermon, but also might include some artwork, a meditation, or another activity.

After the group time, we come back together, and we together pray in creative ways – light a candle, write a prayer, and so on – before ending with a final song.

Praying for Lee-on-the-Solent:

Praying for Lee

Music is led by guitar and other instruments, with the words of the songs and prayers are on a screen.

The Sundays@11 musicians:

Sundays@11 band

Why not come and join us?!


What are we going to sing at Sundays@11?

Each week we’ll put on this web page the songs we’ll be singing on Sunday, so that you can listen to them in advance.  We’ll be linking to YouTube clips –   what we do on Sundays won’t sound like these professional recordings, but hopefully you’ll get the idea of the song!

 Sunday 22nd October

Lord of the Dance

King of Love

Jesus,, Be the Centre


I Stand in Awe (Who Can Know)

Blessed Be Your Name


Sunday 29th October

Come, now is the Time to Worship

For God so Loved the World

Everyone Needs Compassion

Light of the World