The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” Psalm 24:1

Today as a society we are more aware than ever of the impacts of human activity on our planet.  Climate change, plastic pollution, habitat loss and our use of resources are just some of the issues that face us all.  As Christians, we believe that earth is God’s gift to all humanity, and our responsibility is to care for God’s world.

The People and Planet group at St Faith’s exists to:

  • Encourage the St Faith’s community to be more aware of environmental issues
  • Suggest actions that individuals and the church can do, to be better stewards of the environment and reduce our environmental impact
  • Foster work with other organisations with similar aims

Eco Church is an award scheme for churches who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth.

We are working towards achieving the Eco-church Bronze award, and this means we are looking at different areas of church life:

  • Worship and teaching
  • Management of Church buildings
  • Management of Church land
  • Community and Global engagement
  • Lifestyle

Specifically, we are:

  • Considering how to encourage more people to walk and cycle to St Faith’s church and Parish Centre, and looking at increasing our buggy and bike storage
  • Writing a land management plan to be more sensitive to wildlife
  • Putting regular articles in the Fortnightly Notes, to encourage people in St Faith’s to recycle and consider what they can do to limit their environmental impact
  • Liaising with other local organisations such as Friends of the Earth Gosport and Fareham, Gosport and Fareham Wombles, and EcoFreaks
  • Campaigning on environmental issues through linking with others such as Tearfund
  • Considering setting up a recycling scheme at St Faith’s, for items which can’t be recycled in local regular household recycling schemes.

To find out more about People and Planet at St Faith’s, or to contact the group, please use the contact form below.

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